Photo Credit: the incredibly talented Ashton Staniszewski

Photo Credit: the incredibly talented Ashton Staniszewski

My promise

In sixth grade in a small town in South Georgia, I promised my parents that I would be a great storyteller to record my family’s immigrant journey in this country.

Here’s my attempt at explaining why I am still pursuing storytelling in a time when everyone (and their dogs) have a channel and camera to publish their own stories and my profession is easily seen as obsolete.

As someone who would put a good story over anything, I am a huge fan of the internet because it gives a voice to just about anybody, anywhere.  My concern with the digital world is that I come from a generation that has always had the internet at its fingertips. I think the vastness of the web and its limitless possibilities has us constantly straddling a thin line between feeling extremely connected and painfully isolated.

My career philosophy is simple: I want to tell stories that bring people closer and make the world feel a little smaller. In a society driven by statistics and analytics, I believe in the importance of telling the personal stories that contribute to a thriving community. In my work, I promise to always keep pushing for higher quality, depth, and impact. I promise to be patient and never begin writing before I am done listening. I promise to never be done learning.

And still, l promise to be a great storyteller.